Red and Green are a pair of brothers that appear in The Flip Flop Show. Like most of the characters in the show, they are composed of basic geometrical shapes, and they are also colored in a way reflecting their names and wield a spear. They are likely the Bleu Bros. of that dimension, according to their mustaches, clothes, and colors. Red and Green appear in chapter one on either sides of Yold Town, where they both guard bridges and keep unwanted intruders out of the town. Bleu and Betsy first encounter Red on their way into the town, and then later meet Green on their way out of the town. Red and Green's Catch Card can be found next to Green's bed in Yold Town after Bleu flips to 3D. Red is the older of the Red & Green bridgemaster bros. He is needed to get to Yold Town. He is found by flipping, and Bleu will see him on his bed, crying because he is trapped in the 3D dimension. When Bleu flips with him back to 2D, he will ask whether Bleu's favorite color is red, green, or both. If Bleu says red, Red will readily agree with him and show his appreciation by opening the bridge for him. Red will kick Bleu out of his house when he says green. He is also best friends with Chaz, who he plays cards with often; however, Red always loses against Chaz. He hates the color green, so if Chap or King Sammer talks to him, they will be kicked out of the house.

Green is the younger brother of Red, and he is needed to get out of Yold Town. He receives word from Old Man Watchitt to let the bridge down for "the hero". After doing so, he asks the player which color is best, giving choices of red, green, or both, just like his brother. Chaz or the InterNed must answer the question, since he will kick Bleu out regardless of the answer Bleu gives. He mentions to Chaz/the InterNed that he really does care for his brother, but got sick of his obsession with the color red. Incidentally, while he does hate the color red, he doesn't hate all things red. For example, he ate red spaghetti and meatballs his brother made him, and liked them.

According to Betsy, he loves the color green and keeping the peace from the comfort of his bed. Oddly enough, if a Bleu flips to 3D on Green's bridge, they will find themselves over a bottomless pit. This doesn't work for Red's bridge