Blappy is a seventy-two-year-old Blobule in The Flip Flop Show. Blappy is called the "elder" and lives in Planet Blobule. By the time the Heroes of Light arrived on Planet Blobule, the elderly alien had retired from his lifelong search for the Treasure of Space, but he had still been able to find the a clue vital to its acquisition in an obscure area identified only as "the space ruins." He was willing to sell this clue to Puck and put the search for the treasure to rest, but only so for the ludicrous price of ten thousand Coins. (This price, however, could be lowered to one hundred and, ultimately, ten Coins if his offer was declined certain amounts of time.) In the end, the three heroes bought the Ancient Clue, but ended up making its value condescend to the point of being used as toilet paper for Pook.

Official art of Blappy.